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Re: [Tutorial] Space Level Series - Cryengine 5 - c#

Hello, I can give you some links and resources to learn c#: This is nice to learn and test little things without having to install Visual Studio C...

[Flowgraph] Add stars to environment map/cubemap/spheremap lower part?

Hi, it is possible to use flowgraph to add stars to environment map/cubemap/spheremap lower part? When I add in environment editor star intensity=7 for example the stars only appear from z=0 upwards, not in lower part of cubemap/spheremap. See video at 5:14 to watch that issue.

Physics abnormal behaviour at z=8000

Hello, I 'm building a space level, and I moved an object ( primitive cube) in C# rolling ball template through properties to z=8000, also the player entity (the ball) moved to z=8001 At that point the collision between objects didn't work any more !! See video at 8:23 to watch that behavior. https:...

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