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Re: lighting is strange

yes, when I add detail mapping in the material, it show correctly, but not all materials have a detail map, may be some shaders are missed or not compatible? from what i know every models should be available to get detail map, i never used it but i read the documentation about it and your texture s...

Re: lighting is strange

to darmaximus:

Yes, I use my own textures exported from photoshop in crytif format and also encounter this problem.
And I notice that if I copy this packaged version to a machine without cryengine installed, it ran correctly.

lighting is strange

Hi guys, I am new to CryEngine, here I met a strange problem when pakaging my project, you can see the image below: image 1 is what is like in sanbox editor: image 1.jpg image 2 is secne running in GameSDK.exe, you can see the light is strange for some object: image 2.jpg I have checked all resource...

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