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Re: Boids

no success !!!
I'm using Cryengine 5.4

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Re: Cloth do not recieve wind from Cryengine 5.5 and in Cryengine 5.6 or I do not know how to switch it on!

Second not working thing is material oscilator, next can't place audio now, next ocean is broken and flickering, hide-show layers in flowgraph not working ... The best of the best version of Cryengine was 5.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think to continue need to return to Cryengine 5...

Re: Change Ocean Material

have you try flowgraph node SetOceanMat? sourceCode is here。 In Flowgraph the material is changing and it is exactly the same code i use IMater...

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