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Why did you choose CryEngine?

Hello. Now I'm planning to move from Unity3d to another engine. I choose between CryEngine and Unreal Engine. And why did you choose the CE5? What are the main aspects in it you liked? Personally, I'm attracted to UE4: cross-platform, flexibility, pretty realistic graphics, lots of useful tools, goo...

Re: A few questions)

Bear in mind that GameSDK is deprecated so I wouldn't rely on it too much. Some of the functionality is or will be moved to entity components though.
Thank you for the warning, I will take this into account in the future.

Re: A few questions)

hey Hello! Thanks for your answer. it would be interesting if you can describe your project. Now I do not exactly know what kind of project I will create. The last thing I started doing on Unity3D is a shooter in a gloomy atmosphere, seeing in Cryengine project Game SDK I decided that this can very...

A few questions)

Hello, I'm most likely going to use cryengine and I have such a question for you. What kind of game can I create with this engine? Are there any restrictions with the genre? And what genre games will make it easier on him? and why? Also I'm curious as to how things are with the multiplayer? Yes, I a...

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