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Re: Akolyta

Hi. I would like to share with you screenshots of environment that I'm working on. The level is still in development and it's not final.

Re: Akolyta

Hi. After some time I would like to share with you few more screenshots and one video - intro of tech demo. Feel free to leave a feedback.

Akolyta Info Akolyta is 1st person horror adventure with deep story focus. The game combines horror elements from best horror games like Amnesia or Outlast and new type of storytelling which is close to games like Mafia or Ki...

Gameplay Programmer

We are looking for gameplay programmer who would help us with developing enemy AI and gameplay mechanics to our tech demo. This is UNPAID job so far. Our game is 1st person horror adventure with RPG elements. If you are interested please contact us via email and we will share w...

Project Prime | First Showcase

Hi CryEngineers. About a year ago my game studio called Pterosoft started to work on tech demo of our game work titled Project Prime. About year later we have some screenshot for you to see and if you can give us feedback. Be advised, work in progress. Not final image. Feel free to contact us any ti...

Re: Triggers in CryEngine 5.4

Thanks for your help, but I already solved it, thanks to Crytek. If you are using proximity triggers in CryEngine 5.4 you need to add two new functions to trigger script code. Here's the link to the solution. Worked for me.

Re: Triggers in CryEngine 5.4

Hi. I tried this. I also tried to add a start node and connect it with enable. None of it worked. Also the proximity trigger in editor does not show the box as it should. When I lock int...

Triggers in CryEngine 5.4

Hi. I'm working on the level from our upcomming game, and I want to trigger some events in our level. I used proximity trigger and the other two triggers from Legacy Entities section, but they did not work. I could activate the prox. trigger in flowgraph, but I couldn't activate it in game, entering...

Project Prime

Hi. Our newly formed studio is developing horror adventure in CE. We are currently looking for talented environment artists, 3d artist, programmers and concept artists. We don't have much capital to developing, but we are in the pitching stage with investors and working on demo version for them. The...

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