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Re: VR Fun!

Perhaps adjust smoothness on the material? Hello, hey thanks for the tip but it's not my smoothness although I wish it was lol I use Substance Painter to make the material layers and I'm still getting it. I think it's actually tied to specularity but there is nothing in the documentation about this...

Re: Reflections?

Don't you hate it when your whales reflect the entire scene?! :P I can also make perfect chrome using the same material settings. I do create objects then export them from the mighty Newtek's Lightwave and not the turd that 3d studio Max has been since it came out. Lightwave was already several vers...

Re: doubt

My question is how to export a character of 3ds Max or Maya to CryEngine 5 or how I create the bone that on the ground Hello fellow developer, did you figure out how to accomplish your exports? You need to use the CryEngine plugin in 3d max included in your CryEngine directory. The plugins or "...

Re: VR Fun!

Very Nice! The shadows are very dark which suggests the ambient light isn't present - I would suggest creating Environment probes or activating SVOTI. This should stop the pure black shadows in the more globally lit scenes :). Otherwise very impressive :). Thanks Cry-Flare! I actually am using the ...

Programmer Wanted: Fluent or Quick study inCryEngine-Flowgraph Programming with a solid understanding of C+,C++,C#.

Alright....We ARE NOT your "typical" group of developers. We are a business with over a decade on the map. I'm looking for the best and you may not have a degree or certificate but those things don't mean you're a great programmer. We embrace individualism so no matter you're age or experi...

Re: VR Fun!

These are not in any real order but you can see the evolution of the terrain when the picture shows several islands instead of just the one.

VR Fun!

Here are some of the shots I've grabbed from 5.5.2 and 5.6 of my 8Kx8K terrain and 16K terrain texture base.

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