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Problems with 5.6 Audio

Hello. In 5.5 version, I could execute a trigger smth like this CryAudio::ControlId nTriggerID = CryAudio::StringToId("Play_SoftHit"); if (nTriggerID != 0) { CryAudio::SRequestUserData const userData(CryAudio::ERequestFlags::DoneCallbackOnExternalThread | CryAudio::ERequestFlags::CallbackO...

Re: Sound problems

Thanks. I figured out where was the problem. I was attaching my camera component not to the player, but to the other entity. Then I was applying transformation matrix to the camera component (function SetTransformMatrix) with some offset and 180 deg. orientation on z axis. So 180 orient had been app...

Sound problems

Hello. I have two critical problems with sound I'm using Wwise 2018.1.4 #1. Camera orientation does not affect the 3D sound, but camera position does. Behavior is the same in editor and in game mode (I am building my game over sidescroller template). Does not matter what I use: default cry component...

Flash CS6

Question is, how we can officially buy (or obtain license for) Adobe Flash CS6, since Adobe only sells Animate CC, which doesn't support ActionScript 2?

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