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Windows 7 - Visual Studio 2015

I'm new to everything. Visual Studio & Cryengine. I need to build and develop with CRYENGINE V on Windows 7. Can I ? QUESTION: Can I compile CRYENGINE V using Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 7 ? IF NOT Will Visual Studio 2017 build CRYENGINE V on Windows 7 ? OR Must I use Windows 10 in all the cases t...

Re: Cryengine does not start.

You said... "Troubleshooting steps have already been provided. Let us know which of the solutions provided has worked for you." -------------- @Cry-Chris Why did you say that ? I've not received ANY troubleshooting steps. I don't understand. Also, there is nothing in my inbox. Where are they ? I als...

Re: Cryengine does not start.

OK, The Admin is letting the pasting them through now... Here they are. Editor.log DxDiag ce-launcher.log Thanks for any help, ******************* EDITOR LOG ********************************* BackupNameAttachment=" Build(208) 16 Jun 18 (12 01 13)" -- used by backup system Log Started at Sat Jun 16 1...

Re: Cryengine does not start.

I tried to delete this reply but, cant find the delete button. Please see the next reply.
It's seems stoopid, the Delete option is on the next reply, but only edit appears here.
Also, I could not get the previous posts through because the Admin was rejecting the text pasting.

Re: Cryengine does not start.

The posting app willnot accept a .txt file. So I pasted the text, but It was not allowed to post (I received no notice but it's not showing up.) Here's an error I found. This is obviously where it's crashing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Cryengine does not start.

New user to Cryengine Windows 7 x64 SP1 I downloaded the launcher, installed and selected new project for a blank C++ project. The Launcher downloads 5.5 Preview 4. I click my testProject only to get the following error. "The engine /game /editor crashed and is now unstable. Saving may cause level c...

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