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Which one has the biggest impact on performance, the amount of Materials or Textures ?

Does the amount of different materals (.mtl) have a bigger impact on performance or does only the amount of different textures have a bigger impact on perforamce? That's something I didn't understand from the docs. I hope someone can explain that. Thank you.

Re: Speedtree for Cryengine

IDV did all the work and technically getting it to work on CRYENGINE would hardly take much work since most of it is already done. Lumberyard and CRYENGINE is still very similar on these regards, naturally the CGF format has changed, so it's not compatible but that's easily fixed. Sandbox source wi...

Speedtree for Cryengine

Hi, I am working on a game project in Cryengine in which many trees are needed. I don't want to use cryengine's trees, I want to make them myself on Speedtree. In speedtree it's easy to make LODs and billboards so the FPS keeps steady. But there's no Speedtree support for Cryengine. I saw this in th...

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