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Re: Minimap / Camera.

black mean all zero . meaning camera not update . or camera see black. I wanted ...

Re: Minimap / Camera.

get or set rendertarget from camera. set gfx texture from previous rendertarget(Texture) .

renderTarget is just a Texture.
But the texture in Cryengine V after generation produces just a black color instead of a minimap.
How can this be remedied?

Re: Save/Load Game

Try putting a delay before saving or you can try changing from binary save. There is a cvar for that. Hello Lavizh! In the main menu, when I clicked the "Continue" button in FG, I indicated the console command "load". Clicking on "Continue" does not load the save. If I open the console in the main ...

Save/Load Game

I for example made the preservation of the game after the destruction of Abrams. The game is saved but errors occur when the saved game is loaded into the console.

Re: Video effects do not work.

Here you go ^-^ i did it with some math and graph token !! :) i used 1 button to set & 2 to reset , just change it with your button event ! my setup is simple , as what i saw in the video you should merge this one with the one you have , i know you will found out how ^^ use the xml file below (Atta...

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