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Re: 5%

Hi, 5% Royalties only apply for gross revenue above 5000 USD / EUR per project per year. e.g; After commercially exploiting your game, in the first year you gain less than or exactly 5000 USD / EUR gross revenue. In this case you will not pay any royalties. This goes for each subsequent year also, ...

Re: A couple of questions

Thank you denalti
I asked the wrong question for #2. I meant to ask "Would I need 3DS Max to create characters or can I stick to Maya?"
I've done a little bit of research on both of them but I'm still not sure if I need one or both to create assets.

A couple of questions

Before I continue I'm Dxslayer, changing it to ZeddieLittle soon, and I'm from the Crymod days before Crysis 2 was released. Anyway my questions are as followed. Can I use Maya to create and export characters or is it only limited to vehicles? (The tutorials for Maya show the vehicle and not charact...

Crysis Modding

Before I begin let me first introduce myself. My name is Dxslayer and the last time I logged into my old account was years ago (10/02/13 according to my old profile ). I was involved in the modding community back when the url was "". I had some work for the first Crysis like my Muzzleflash...

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