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Unable to zoom in flow chart viewer without mouse wheel

unable to zoom in on small elements on flow chart when using a pen and tablet or touch pad. 1) Use a touch pad, stylus, or mouse without a scroll wheel 2) Open GameSDK in 5.5 and use Flow Chart layout 3) open 'Start_FG graph file 4) Observe the inability to zoom in //Suggested solution: Add a Zoom S...

Area box wont scale

Area Box will not scale in 5.5.

1) Select area and then box

2) Place box on terrain

3) Attempt to scale by handle or properties inspector

4) Observe area box does not scale

WaterVolume tool does not function as intended/designed.

When selecting the WaterVolume tool in 5.5 and attempting to create an object... 1) No material is auto-loaded, even if valid materials are with project assets. //Edit: This is the case for all Area class objects. The transulcent color fill is not applied unlike what is shown in Cryengine documentat...

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