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Re: Murderous Winter

And so, a month ago, I deleted more than half of the level, which is why I rolled back very strongly. But, it bore fruit, I completed the starting location, I will try not to lose heart, and soon finish the location.

Re: Murderous Winter

After 2 years of development, I decided to radically change the graphics, as for me it became much better, of course, before I was guided by the darkness, but now, it's just a pleasant, fabulous atmosphere. Wait for new screenshots

Re: Murderous Winter

Well, the entrance to the cave was finalized, I started finalizing the rest of the location, I really want to finish the game by 2021, but I really need support in the form of your criticism and just kind words, thank you all.

Murderous Winter

Murderous Winter is a first-person horror game in which the main character has to go through many obstacles, interesting puzzles, in search of a clue to the secrets of this terrible place. Game Engine Version 5.6 Estimated release date: end of 2020 - beginning of 2021. The game is developed by only ...

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