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Re: Primitive world intersection

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would still be able to answer my question. I'm really having trouble getting my head around the primitive world intersection. thanks, ~~Detrix Haven't checked it myself. Tbh I'd try on official Discord perhaps you could get someone to answer faster. I presume you ch...

Re: Murderous Winter

And so, a month ago, I deleted more than half of the level, which is why I rolled back very strongly. But, it bore fruit, I completed the starting location, I will try not to lose heart, and soon finish the location.
I wonder, how's the progress on this one?

Re: A World Partition system for Open World games.

Hi, How would one implement a world partition system for an open world game; for example, by telling the renderer to work out a neighborhood of radius r from player (instead of trying to load the whole map). My question may sound high level or too general but this system (World partition) is a rela...

Re: Scaleform needs to be replaced now that it's potentially illegal to use the only version of Flash it works with.

It probably wont be in 5.6 as they just updated the roadmap recently. I do not have a date nor a month to give you other than it's in research and development at Crytek. I too have looked into FairyGUI, i kinda like it and would love for someone to integrate it. Also contacted the author a while ag...

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