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Re: Climbing system

Hi guys This maybe the deal breaker for me in deciding what engine to use. I'm trying to get info on how to do a climbing system in cryenine and I can't find anything helpful on the topic. A friend recommended that I not use cryengine if I want to make a 3rd person game with a climbing system and t...

Re: [Free] Simple Boid System

WastedStudios wrote:We first want to see how it is going and how the feedback is and then proceed to other plugins. Additionally an enhanced paid version of the boid plugin with a lot more functionality and source code included is planned.

Great job guys! Many thanks. Looking forward to see more plugins.

Re: How can you make a boat swing from left to the right in sync with the waves underneath?

I would like to thank you for your help but you assume many things that I don’t know yet. For example, where is the RigidBodyComponent.h located and how do you use it in order to put physics to the boat? It will be a lot easier for me and many beginners if you could be a little more analytical. Let...

Re: Marketplace

Still don't work. s.JPG I have tried signing in and out and private window in firefox and nothing still the same error. I have checked that with Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox Dev, Goggle chrome. I also tried it on my mobile. Okay, then logout, close the tab with cryengine, clean browser cache (a...

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