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Re: GameLauncher (v5.4) problem

Hello, I never heard of this issue before, it is especially weird since it apparently can't even load the levels we provide. Did you exported the level and if so did you get any error messages or warnings while exporting? Can you maybe post or upload your level file so I could have a look, thanks. C...

Re: Keyboard input - Schematyc

Hello, To get input in Schematyc you have to add an input component to your entity and register the keys you want to listen to. Call the RegisterKeyboardAction node on start and provide the information in the properties panel of this node, you can choose the name and input id of this action. To rece...

Re: [Tutorial] 5.4 Preview 4 - Understanding component system and creating own component exposed to editor

Awesome tutorial! Thank you for taking the time and explaining the system. The only thing you could improve would be stereo audio, for some reason I have the sound only on the left side of my headphones ;)

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