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Re: FBX Importer

Looking at that screenshot of your model in maya, it looks like you have a really ban Ngon. Try to always build in quads, and only make triangles if you cant get a quad to work. You have some polygons with twenty or thirty sides there. Also always check for multiple verticies on the same space, flip...

Re: desert material

good documentation has always been a problem with this engine. Its improved recently, but it has a long way to go.

but give it a chance.

Re: 3.5.3 glowing particles ?

mod SDK = dead end Free SDK = future Although Crytek does things different than the Unreal guys, just look at UDK for an example. From the beginning of Unreal modding there were were SDK's released each time an unreal game came out. But in the end the UDK became dominant, and now look at all the sup...

Re: Problems setting the dirt layer

, but using the Dirt/Blend layer, Decal slot or the Detail slot in the same material only results in one drawcall. So other than memory usage there is no performance hit by using more slots on a material ? I had assumed that each would require a draw call, although I have to admit that this is an a...

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