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Re: Minimap Problem

Far as i know the Minimap doesn't require the GameSDK.
Minimap only works with original prefabs. Without, is just like in the picture. I think I have to use the original HUD3D. Gonna modify a bit.

Re: Minimap Problem

Hi I do not want to disappoint you. Never wait for the bug to be resolved! Look at the post below: GameSDK will be destroyed soon. Hi, Destroying? Will be destroyed completely? Or they gonna made a new one? I'm using the old versi...

Re: Minimap Problem

As far as i know the minimap is still broken. Correct me if im wrong but i think Crytek is redoing the minimap feature at some point. Not sure when exactly.
Ok, thanks. I think I'll wait for it.

Minimap Problem

Hi, I'm creating a new HUD for my project. Everything works great, except minimap. As you can see in the picture, map displaying good at minimap, but still scaling at background. I don't know how to fix it, modified some actionscript, but not working. Can anybody help me about it? Thanks. Editor 201...

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