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Re: AXPR Modern UI System

You should develop one that does not require the GameSDK to cater to more developers :)
You mean that the Schematyc, C# and C++ templates? I don't know much about that project type codes. I want to complete my GameSDK works first, then I will make some tests on FPS projects.

Re: AXPR Modern UI System

Hi guys, as I released my last update of this asset, I begin developing another UI system with more features. I'm publishing the report of progress, so if you want a feature for the next one, please reply here or PM me. I'll do my best, and thanks to you all for supporting me! REPORT: 03:42 12.04.20...

Re: AXPR Modern UI System

Its not ideal since it requires the GameSDK. Hopefully you can get it working without it :) Good stuff though. Thanks for your good wishes. Most of people using GameSDK assets to create their own project. Because of that, I decided to make this UI system. I don't know who's using blank/fps/tps proj...

Re: AXPR Modern UI System

I'm sure more people would pick this up if you could get it working without GameSDK

Say, in the sample FPS/TPS templates.
Well, I can only design for GameSDK right now. 'Cause, I never got worked on open-source templates. Maybe I could think this later.

AXPR Modern UI System Hi everyone, I'm introducing my first modern User Interface system to you. It's been designing since January. This system has multiple features for easy use. Only English avilable for messages, you can contact me for adding additional languages, so I can make an...

Re: Minimap Problem

Far as i know the Minimap doesn't require the GameSDK.
Minimap only works with original prefabs. Without, is just like in the picture. I think I have to use the original HUD3D. Gonna modify a bit.

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