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Re: Load game

find all save .CSF files , set each button titile according to save, button click trigger load save.
Thank you very much mknmknmknjk, can you teach me how to do it in flowgraph
can you attach a screenshot a video tutorial
i'm a newbie

Re: Load game

anyone can tell me how to create a list in main menu contains all saved game ?
i can create a listbox in the main menu , but how to make it contain the save game files?

Load game

Hi, I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me a solution, how to add a "load game" button to the single player main menu, By using the pause menu in 3.5.4, you can save your game in a .CSF file that you can load while playing the game. However, once you shut down the SDK, you are unable to...

webm format

hi, i installed and compiled hendrikp sdk plugin and videoplugin and it work just fine i try to replace the logo_cryengine3.webm video with another video with same name and same format but it does not work i converted my own video from .MP4 to webm . can any one help me, how to convert mp4 to webm p...

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