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Re: Substance Painter Export

Smoothness = 255
In the alpha of the normal map needs to be gloss map.
To correctly export it is better to use option
Document channel + Normal + Ao (no alfa)
and then collect the textures in photoshop.
Yes, and and instead of a specular map you can use the map albedo.

Re: Speedtree to Cryengine 5

It is important that an increasing number of professional studios are moving to modeling in the program. It was done in games like watch dogs 2 and Witcher 3. But it is not important. It is enough useful for modeling and gives designers additional opportunities the physical properties of objects (th...

Re: Speedtree to Cryengine 5

Collinbishop, you are a big fellow. But here the case is different. The essence of my request is that the simplification of access to all operations serve as an excellent point for the development community. And it's not just our ambitions. Much more important is the fact that Crytek is implementing...

Speedtree to Cryengine 5

Hello dear Crytek. I'm sorry to bother you, but is compelled by circumstances. I'm with the team developing the project and during the development we faced the problem of migration of vegetation from the program speedtree into the engine. I saw that you plan to integrate this program. I beg you to d...

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