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How do i change the hud?

I'm very new to cryengine, been using it for about 2 weeks and i have no idea how to change the hud. I'm using the CryengineSDK project and created my own level and i want to change the sdk hud with a simple hud with only a dot as a crosshair. Any help?

Re: Game Doesn't Build Properly

What do you mean with "last version of the game"? Are the assets not updated, or is it running older code? And is the game up to date if you launch the GameLauncher instead of the Sandbox? If the assets are out of date in the packaged build it could be that you forgot to export to engine in the San...

Game Doesn't Build Properly

After i'm done with the game and i wanna build it, i go to the project location, and right click the .cryproject and package build. Everything goes fine, it builds the game, but it builds the last version of the game that i built. (the first time i build it everything went fine) instead of building ...

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