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Re: GameSDK vs Blank Project

With the GameSDK it is advisable to use C++. You can also use LUA for some entities and logic as well as Legacy Flow Graph and other Legacy Entities. You can use C# also but it will not be easy to interop with existing GameSDK entities with C#.
Otherwise wouldn't be reasonable anyway.


2 years ago, we started to develop this game. Because of some financial problems, we couldn't go too far, and we stopped working on it. But a few months ago, we decided to start from where we left off. For now, we're on the optimization part of the game. The demo version of Djinn will be available i...

Re: Cached shadows

I wonder if it's something like Occlusion Mesh? (1)Is that possible to bake it like how we do with Occlusion Mesh? (2)Any way to turn it on/off or only flowgraph? (3) Does it only work in pure game mode(I tried but could not get anything so far)?

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