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[5.5 DOCS] Documentation Typo

@cry-nic I think I should let you guys know that there is a little typo right here in docs page for Entity Lifecycle: Lifecycle On the lowest level, an entity is created with IEntitySystem:;SpawnEntity, initialized with IEntitySystem::InitEntity (automatically done by SpawnEntity if not otherwise sp...

Re: Why To use CryEngine??

For 5% it's an entire different game.
I didn't see CryTek justify that price yet; if you like it, then that's on you... For 5% I have Unreal.

If they believe the engine is strong enough of a market presence to compete with Unreal's 5% I am very curious to know why CryTek believe on that.

Re: Why To use CryEngine??

It was interesting until they announced 5% royalty fee. Suddenly I have no interest anymore, for that fee I can just keep on using Unreal Engine which supports more platforms while I already have extensive experience with. If SVOGI isn't a must have for the project I can't see why to use CryEngine a...

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