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Re: Footstep sound

Hi Ancient76, the issue you describe is caused by out of sync tagging of the rifle animation (sloppy me ;)). You can correct it by changing/adding the footstep entries via the AnimEvents. To find out which animation is actually used, type in the cvar "mn_debug dude" and move with the rifle equipped....

Re: Footstep sound

Hi Ancient76, thanks for spotting this. The footsteps are indeed missing using the Wwise Implementation. Reason for that is a missing "Default Switch/State" in the footstep setup... wwise_default_switch_issue_03.PNG ...which results Wwise not playing any sound, throwing following error when Profilin...

Re: FMOD Initialisation Issue

Hi Sam, unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce your issue. Neither in the GameSDK (5.4. testing in Sandbox & Full Game) nor creating a new project using the blank template (5.4. testing Sandbox). In all cases, having 's_AudioImplName=CryAudioImplFmod' added to my user.cfg Fmod Studio Version 1.09....

Re: WIP Horror Audio Complete

Hi soundguybasel, I think you tick all the right boxes for a package. Just make sure you have all the rights to the original recordings (ideally you have recorded everything yourself). Commercial Audio Libraries usually do not allow any re-distribution in form of another library, regardless whether ...

Re: Test

Thanks justaguy, much appreciated!
We will continue to make the CRYENGINE Audio pipeline as streamlined and accessible as possible.

Take care.

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