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Re: Image Nodes

Which image nodes are you missing exactly? Also, if you do experience crashes be sure to send in reports either via the Crash Handler or via the CRYENGINE Launcher. This will help us investigate the issue. If you can reproduce the problem, a GitHub issue with steps and fine detail would go a long w...

Re: Some questions

Hi there, The GameSDK archives are old versions. If you want GameSDK for the latest version of the engine, this one is updated on every release: Regarding issues, if you find a bug it would be great if you can submit a bug repor...

Re: Image Nodes

Yeah, but new engine versions wont have sample sdk afaik.
Btw which last engine version had image nodes enabled? And which version crashes less? Cus I have 5.5 and it crashes like CRAZY.

Re: Menu Scrollbox

Hi, how do I make a menu scrollbox with graphic options? I see that there's a scrollbox with singleplayer levels, but I couldnt put anything inside my own scrollingbox. I use the CLIK Components for Scaleform. Its under the Scaleform folder in the tools section. Takes a bit getting into though. And...

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