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Re: Designer tool asset export

i found the brush but its the same outcome! its one static object and i can't retexture different parts of the house without converting it to a design object, but then i get missing polygons all over the object? have i designed the object wrong or is this simply a wrong method of converting?

Re: Designer tool asset export

i merged all the object but the textures got merged as well? i guess i can apply textures again later
then i export to cfg in the designer tools- saved it in a folder but i cant access it in engine, can't import it through mesh importer either? i got cfg file but how do i get it back in the level?

Re: Designer tool asset export

export panel? in the toolbar i select - level - export selected objects - and get the following 3 options - object file (obj) -occlusion culler mesh (ocm) - FBX format (fbx) ??? edit! i found the panel in designer tools but i cant select the entire object? can't export a group of objects? or how do ...

Designer tool asset export i made some buildings in the designer tool in cryengine 5.4 using the sdk kit, and want to export them to a cgf file that can be used in another level. i've tried saving the objects and exporting them to fbx format, then i tried to import them through the fbx mesh importer...

Re: Flowgraph combining

i figured it out by using tagpoints instead of paths and connecting the time delay with the any logic from the patrol node.. now the ai patrols and re enters the patrol after respawn! yay!! i get some warnings but hey still learning

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