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vegtation editor crashed and vegetation randomly disppeared when i add many trees in levels(cryengine5.5.2)

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1 vegtation desappeared randomly when many i add trees in levels.
2 editor crashed when i hit the vegtation editor with too many trees.

how can i make it ok?
if is a bug,hope fix it soon.....

i find a serious bug in cryengine 5.5,objects are randomly disappeared in woodland level

i duplicate many houses in woodland level,when i enter the game or editor,many objects are randomly disappeared. the more objects in your level the more objects randomly disappeared.this situation only happend in cryengine 5.5 qq.png the same situation happend every levels i tested.i tested many kin...

add MonoFrameworkUI in shaderlist,could not work fine in material editor(cryengine 5.5)

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i am trying to add monoFrameworkUI to Shaderlist,monoframeworkUI works fine in ce5.3,but it can't work fine in ce5.5.
i want use this shader to make ui in VR mode.because it can display normally in htc vive.

here is the way set shader in ce5.3,it looks fine
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