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Re: GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5

Hello! Can anyone give me a hint on this? I know CryTek people are really busy. I would love to see any info coming from someone that already used the GameSDK, or probably any CryEngineer from CT. I actually would like to know if there is any possibility for my company to start our project using the...

GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5

Hello! I am trying to compile CryGameSDK.dll with the Code folder that ships with the CryEngine main branch in Github. The Code does compile, but I am unable to open the GameLauncher or Sandbox. The compiled version that ships with the package GameSDK 5.5 (marketplace) is okay, but the Code/GameSDK ...

Cel Shading

I tried to seach about it in forums, but I really got nothing official.

So, there is a way to reach Cel Shading effect in CE3 SDK?

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