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Re: New Screen Space Reflection

They are not raymarch, its raytrace. Very different technique. Lol no it is ray marching, read the code. The new SSR algorithm places sample exponentially rather than the naive linear trace method, and it's using some additional optimization like ray bundle tracing. No one uses path tracing for scr...

Re: New Screen Space Reflection

added ssr samples and distance variables, gives you more control over effect Yes exactly. They exposed the sample count and reflection distance as variables but did they actually improve the SSR? Or did they just gave more control over it? That's what i'm wondering. They are now using a new ray mar...

Re: New forums and website updates!

There seems to be some problems with external links. If I click on a link for the first time from other sites I will be routed to the main forum page. Re-click the link works fine.

Also the search function seems to be completely broken. No matter what I type it always says my keyword is too common.

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