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Re: Exporting Google SketchUp objects

Hi, how are you ? I'm Brazilian and so I'm using google translate Well I have a problem, I can not export objects in 3D with Google SketchUp. I do everything right but some objects just do not export right [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Do you ...

Re: how to connect htc vive with version CE5.4?

{ "version": 1, "type": "CRYENGINE Project", "info": { "name": "CRYENGINE SDK" }, "content": { "assets": [ "Assets" ], "code": [ "" ], "libs": [ { "name": "CRYENGINE", "shared": { "any": "CryGameSDK", "win_x64": "", "win_x86": "" } } ] }, "require": { "engine": "engine-5.4", "plugins": [ { "type": ...

Re: Headset of Oculus rift cv1 doesn't works all the time!! how to fix this issue?

can you hear sound in normal game(none vr mode),or you just can't add music in game? I can not hear sound in normal game! EC1{RXZK@`4WW]VMS_2K(2C.png make sure your default device is right device hi can u help me ,i cant know how to conncet VR on CEV neng gao su wo ni de QQhao me? wojianiyixiaduoxie

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