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Re: VFX For Cryengine

In my opinion there is not the best, both are useful. I am not expert in vfx worfklow but I used the particle editor for complex gpu fluid simulations and the database view for placing a fog and playing with setting to get the result i need.

Re: VFX For Cryengine

You can find all vfx assets in the Database View (old pipeline), you can play around with the fog particles and achieve the fog you want. However there is a new particle editor which also has pretty handsome examples included and can be customized as you wish.

Re: What are you working on?

thanks ruckarucka i love the specularity too. thanks graf_fridula, good job on your Abitur let's wait for the results 8-) thanks andrey, all assets i have used in the scene actually came from humble bundle assets crytek offered some time ago, there are still plenty of nice assets like these, just to...

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