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Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

a complete list of bugs on windows 10 preview build: -modifying road width properties causing disappearing of road on terrain (this happened in 0.25meters terrain) -can't select decal properties (material to browse and change to another material) -when starting engine, multiple windows of sandbox ar...

Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

@noise: You need to calm down and drink some tea, it has NOTHING to do with super-high-precise baking where you will get indirect shadows and other things, it's mainly shipped for PERFORMANCE. Just stop complaining about everything. Btw are you the user dhomochevsky by any chance? :lol:

Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

@noise: Yes improving SSR and adding it to the reflections shader would be nice. However planar reflections (like in the picture) are possible in CE but not prior while stochastic SSR is what matters (UE4 SSR is a good example of how stochastic SSR can look like).

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