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Setting Up Leaderboards

I have been trying to figure out how to create a leaderboard. I have done a few searches but nothing that helped me. Not sure if this is the best section for this topic but I was not sure if it needed to be in programming or ui. I have set up my levels so the items needed in the leaderboard are save...

Re: Boids not loaded

When they dont work do you have any errors or warnings? Are you testing in editor game mode or pure game mode? Some things dont work fully untill you launch the game without the editor. First thing I would do is reload all scrips and animations, export then try in game mode.

Re: Ocean Underwater Settings?

In the Environment Editor under Advanced you have 3 settings: -ocean fog color -ocean fog color multiplier -ocean fog density. If you open level editor then go down to ocean there is: -ocean material -caustic depth -caustic intensity -caustic tiling Also in level settings there is ocean animation wi...

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