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Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Implement a new glow, or return the glow that was in Cryengine 3.4, in all future versions of the engine the glow is simply disgusting. example

Re: Image Nodes

Check the roadmap under 5.6 in Graphics and Rendering. Customizable Post Effects are coming. There is your substitute. It is interesting! but how can this be realized in Cryengine? The UE4 uses a flexible Material Editor, you create an effect and output it to post-...

Re: Is there any way to use weight maps or splat maps to apply detail terrain textures in Cryengine?

Splat Map engine does not support, then how this technology can look in Cryengine can be spied on in Lumberyard. Perhaps before Crytek ever come down that this technology just needs to be added to the engine. gd0Xr-EEHGQ...

Re: Fake interior

I saw a similar shader back in UDK. In the ruthlessly outdated MaterialEditor Cryengine, such a shader does not get
Although now it can come running lavizh, and start its usual record (Hire programmers, they will write you the required shader) :D

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