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Re: 5.6 100% gpu usage

Hi there
Just trying out 5.6 and my Gpu is howling away at 100% usage in a empty level.
Is this normal .
5.6 generally works strangely, for some people 5.6 gives out two less FPS than in 5.5, and Crytek say that there are no problems

Re: BLOOM!!!

In the first screenshot, Bloom does not affect the environment only on the emission particles, and there is no depth in it, the emission particles seem to be superfluous. And the second screenshot of Bloom gently dissipates, staining and blending with the whole scene. Bloom is important for the dept...

Re: Immortal Particles?

You can use Motion:MoveRelativeToEmitter to lock the particles to its parent. If you spawned the geometry as a node in the particle you will also need the Motion:MoveRelativeToEmitter on it so it will follow the emitter entity. Make sure to set Angular Inherit to 1 as well so it will also follow th...

Re: Victorian Room - Art Collab

Well there isn't reall a workaround for that. In theory there is a cvar for it to max the amount (r_shadowcastinglights ##) but unfortunenately this one doesn't work atm and needs to be fixed. So I basically reduced the amount as far as possible (a lot of these lights don't cast shadows and are the...

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