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Re: BLOOM!!!

Crytek add at least Bloom radius, here is a screenshot Blender EEVEE, on the first Bloom what it looks like in Cryengine now, on the second, what kind of result I would like to get
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Re: CRYENGINE enters stabilization in preparation for the release of 5.6

Very interested in Multilayered Microfacet Materials, Material Editor in its current form, this is the tool that I hate in Cryengine, any improvement in materials and in general the empowerment of Material Editor is something that I really expect Skinned Ropes and Ropes Built from CGF Meshes If this...

Lens Flare

Lens Flare does not work normally, basic presets work, but you cannot make your own. And in general, this tool is very outdated, Lens Flare should not come only from point light sources, emission materials and highlights on the surfaces of materials should also emit Lens Flare. In all engines Lens F...

Re: Launcher & Roadmap update

2 questions, even before the last update of the roadmap and in general the forum was talking about it, in 5.6 the technology should have come Customizable Post Effect. This technology apparently should replace Image Nodes, 95% of which no longer work. But I do not see this technology not in 5.6 not ...

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