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Re: Multilayeredmaterials Shader

Okay, let's get started with a simple one! How to add Gloss texture?! Use Gloss texture in alpha channel Normal maps - DOES NOT WORK! Use a separate Gloss texture by adding it to a special material slot (Layers Smoothness Map) - DOES NOT WORK! What to do!? What am I doing wrong !? I'm just trying to...

Multilayeredmaterials Shader

I would like to receive a video tutorial on setting up this shader. In the documentation there is of course a manual, a lot of words and nothing is clear! But the video tutorial where they show how in Substance Painter to draw material and use it with this shader in the engine would be very useful. ...

Re: Tesselation

However, CE remains a great game engine ! NO! In addition to Crytek, no one can work on this engine, all developers are simply drowning in bugs. All tools are outdated and very very uncomfortable. I look at development Star Citizen and after so many years I see bugs that were still in CE2. Nothing ...

Re: Tesselation

OK ! But I think it would be great to add it. The terrain in principle must be completely recycled! Nothing really has changed since CE2, there’s not even a seemingly standard thing like Splatmap, and there are strict restrictions on the size of the terrain. At least sometime I saw that someone wou...

Re: Cryengine 5.7?

Nanite - some kind of very magical technology! The developers say you can send a model directly from Zbrush to the engine and it doesn’t soar that it consists of millions of polygons. Miracles and only, but it’s certainly a dream to stop counting polygons

Cryengine 5.7?

What kind of information from the partisan headquarters is heard !? They announced Unreal engine 5 with new goodies and much more favorable conditions. In 2021, there will be no sense in other available engines, especially in such an unpopular engine as Cryengine!

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