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Re: Ocean avoid box

I added in a VisArea object then made shore it fit my tunnel objects. then selected ocean is visible setting to false then it removes ocean from that location. But you have to be inside the object for it to work. i added a room before the ocean part before hand anyway so switch wasn't noticable ;) o...

Ocean avoid box

Something i would like to see in the future would be a avoid box that when put into the ocean, say around an object like a tunnel the ocean is cut from that area.
I know you can set-up multiple water volumes but sometimes you just cant do that.

Is there a way of doing that in the new builds?

Re: Breakable trees in multiplayer

It depends on what you want to use it for and how many want this effect. Brush is easy but lacks the options for you to change in the future all the parts of the breakable object parts would be a waste on performance if just left there etc Best thing is to Create an entity for the breakable tree and...

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