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Re: Input text in Flash

Hi, I'm sure this is exactly what your are looking for :)!ZJU2FayA!I4VEnOoyXfJa0gzhlgtIjNLB7z69uoxFX9tAvSXdh_I The file should have all the necessary files ( .fla + .SWF + FG ) i don't remember how it work , but i remember Manu and i were working on it Anyway this is it, The input ...

Re: Inventory

Ok I'll make tutorial about inventory. ........ . However I think this will be a huge help for the community.
Oh yes you will help the community a lot's! , and we can wait it's ok , we already waited for a long time ^^

Re: Inventory

I wrote 6 or 7 or maybe even more inventory systems each one I acheved with less lines of code. I remember my first inventory had like 10k lines!!! :D my newest has maybe 3000 including trading system and other extra features. And my inventories are not pretty looking once. Just because i fovused o...

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