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Re: Considering porting from UE4

Hey there, i myself moved from UE4 to Cryengine to work on my current project. I had to restart everything from scratch but i had all my assests kept to be re used. Well, the issue that that you pointed about the blueprint system , yes Cryengine has something similar that is called "Flowgraph". I fo...

Re: How to add content from the market to your project ??? Как добавлять контент из marketplace в свой проект??

i've downloaded cryengine 5.5 for a week and i have been not anle to import the asset to i obtained from the market into my game. i did what the tutorial said i should do, the folders are not showing in the asset browser. what am i doing wrong? i am a Unity guy. i just what to take advantage of the ...

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