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Is There Any Way To Make The Stock Sample Character Go Prone?

I know prone is a rarely used position in most games, but I still like having that option, especially when it comes to being sneaky. I was playing Warface when I noticed a lot of players would go prone as they fired their weapons, making them harder to hit; is there any way to mimic that?

Does Anyone Know To Mimic Hunt: Showdown's Gun and Melee Control?

I, of course, don't mean stealing or copying the weapons and art; I mean how the controls for the guns and melee work. The game's style is so streamlined, and I think it's great! In standard FPS', your weapon is always at the ready, and you have a separate button for melee, if you even have that. I ...

Re: Some of my work

I really hate to be a bother (but I guess I'm going to be), but how goes your work? Haven't heard from you for a while—even checked your YouTube channel. No rush, of course—just curious on how you're doing.

Re: Grab, Toss and Hit—How?

Awesome! I was hoping to at least have one reply, but two? And both are very informative. Thanks for answering my question, guys! I'm a novice when it comes to...everything, but I'm reading all I can about CryEngine—been fiddling with all the engine versions since Crysis mods were on this site. :P I...

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