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Re: AXPR T5 User Interface Mod

Ah, yes, I meant another asset instead of the light on the flashlight. Thanks for answering!
Another silly question: is there a way to make the player have to find the weapon parts before being able to equip them to the gun? Like, the player would need to find the silencer before attaching it.

Re: Crysis Animation Set Question

Ah, I see. This makes it all clear — thanks! As far as using them in the gamesdk, is there a guide someone can point me to (I'm more of a visual person, so a video would be great, but I'll take any explanation)? As much help as I need, I doubt anyone here would like to give me a personal account on ...

Re: Crysis Animation Set Question

Hi! I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Sorry for not clearing up what I meant. Here's hoping I do a better job this time. While I love all the animations the character in CryEngine V comes with (mirroring that of Alcatraz and later Prophet have), there are some previous animations I miss from...

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