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Re: Quick AI Question

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. After reading my comment, it seems like I'm saying the AI in the engine is bad, which is not the case; I want a way to—more or less—stop people from complaining about how lousy enemy AI is and I remembered how strong it was in previous Crytek games. I'm bookmarking the...

Quick AI Question

Is there a way to make them...smarter, as it were?
I remember the enemies in Far Cry—even on easy—put up more of a fight than most FPS' of today on hard difficulty, and I was wondering if there was a way to emulate that kind of tenacity.

Are The City Structures From Previous Crytek Games Going To Appear In The Marketplace?

Is there a chance any of the buildings from the Crysis games—or any of them, really—are going to be ported over to the marketplace? I know in one of the Humble Bundles there were City assets, but I think they needed another software in order to make them CryEngine ready. I'm not saying they need to ...

Is There Any Way To Make The Stock Sample Character Go Prone?

I know prone is a rarely used position in most games, but I still like having that option, especially when it comes to being sneaky. I was playing Warface when I noticed a lot of players would go prone as they fired their weapons, making them harder to hit; is there any way to mimic that?

Does Anyone Know To Mimic Hunt: Showdown's Gun and Melee Control?

I, of course, don't mean stealing or copying the weapons and art; I mean how the controls for the guns and melee work. The game's style is so streamlined, and I think it's great! In standard FPS', your weapon is always at the ready, and you have a separate button for melee, if you even have that. I ...

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