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Re: Rain Occluder Error

Could you provide some screenshots your setup?
I have tried a designer object and hangar brush with both, the legacy rain entity and Entity rain component,
Made sure rain occluder was checked on the objects
and I was unable to reproduce the issue.

Re: GameSDK load CSF issues...

Hi, I have tested the functionality of the save and load. And it does indeed only seam to work in the same session. I had issues with loading the game after closing the engine and then opening again. We have put the issue in our system. At this point all I can offer for the moment is to store your o...

Re: Subpipes

Looks like you are calling follow path to often.
add this:

Then just send a signal to logic:once reset for it being able to send signals again.
I am not sure what this setup is doing, therefore this is the quickest thing I can offer at the moment :D

Re: Sniper rifle lens opening effect

How far are you with the setup? The best thing you can probably do is, extract the following from the scripts.pak \scripts\Scripts\Entities\Items\XML\Weapons\Rifle.xml (extract with e.g: 7zip) Rename it and use it as a base. You will need to change at least a few things like from: <item name="Rifle"...

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