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Re: Get digit of a number

Might be a bit late, but better late then never :D Here is a quick and dirty way in Flowgraph to get the number: <Graph Description="" Group="FG"> <Nodes> <Node Id="60" Class="Game:Start" pos="-774,666,0"> <Inputs InGame="1" InEditor="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="61" Class=...

Re: Cryengine does not start.

We can see in our internal system that a message has been sent out to you Mon, 18 Jun at 2:14 PM Have you rebooted your PC since? Are you using the graphics card drivers provided by Nvidia? Please reinstall the graphics card driver from the manufacture website. Are you using an Antivirus? If yes the...

Re: Low Quality point click?

Can be quite easily achieved with a bit of Flowgraph Here a short demo: If the video is a bit laggy on the forum you can open it HERE instead. Here the Flowgraph and Code: <Graph Description="" Group="FG"> <Nodes> <Node Id="2" Class="Ga...

Re: Cryengine does not start.

Ok, commanderklag has also sent a message through the launcher with all log files attached.
The issue seems to be rendering related.
Troubleshooting steps have already been provided.
Let us know which of the solutions provided has worked for you.

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