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Smoothing groups

Hello everyone.
Has anyone already tried to get/set the smoothing groups for a mesh in C++. I didn't find anything in the engine code that refers to it directly so I am wondering how we could access/modify it.
Any idea?
Thank you.

Re: Spawn Entity in Editor

Well actually I am spawning my entities with flags = 0 so ENTITY_FLAG_NO_SAVE is not set. The events sent from editor can be caught but my entity is not editable from the sandbox. I think that you are referring to some CryEngine 3.x functions because there is not EntityPoolManager in CryEngine V.

Spawn Entity in Editor

Hi, Coding in C++ I was looking for spawning an entity that could be then manipulated in editor (position, scale, rotation etc...). It does not seem to be possible, which is very regrettable but may be I did not find the solution. Has any one tried/succeed to spawn an entity with C++ code and then m...

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