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I would like to know why the size of this lamp does not change, (scale) all costs 1 and does not change.
Can anyone know how to change the size of this lamp?
Cry engine 5.3
I'm from Russia, I'm sorry for this translation.

Re: DataBase Viev

You have to use the new Particle Editor under Tools menu, not the old one under Database View.
How can I see the list of all particles? in the "particle editor" I can not do this. Earlier I could see through "DataBase"

DataBase Viev

Hello! CryEngine 5.3 and CryEngine 5.5 There is such a mistake, before it was not. [Error] #### - ERROR - ####: Loading Duplicate Library: libs / particles / water.xml Has anyone encountered this problem? I'm from Russia, I apologize for such a ...

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