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Re: How to have Mutiple people working on a Cry Engine 5 Project ?

How do you have Mutiple people working on a Cry Engine 5 Project
Without Using A SVN and Google Drive as Really Small Storage ?
I can only advice my suggestion, the answer is SVN. We at the Amytis are using it (for Unity) right now as long as 7 month's without any issues or conflicts.

Re: Cant Payout 2017 - Crytek !

Still restricted i see. As long as a country is on the sanctions list there is nothing we can do. It's up to the EU and US government have them removed first. "yes, i understand. you dont like the fish", companies have their own method's to deal with these situation'...

Re: Cant Payout 2017 - Crytek !

Not sure but if Iran is still on the UN / US sanctions list, Crytek or the company handling billing are not allowed to handle the transactions. there is a source, which says : there should not be any limitation for ...

Cant Payout 2017 - Crytek ! Hello CryTek. I am Hosein Afshar, living in iran, i am 24. i am human, i am not terrorist or what ever. i just come from iran. I love cryengine. I am human. can some official people from the real company say why i can not put my assets on ? i am human, ...

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