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Re: Filter shadow

Hi I think the engine not supported LightMasks at all for all kind of the Lights, this feature allows manipulating light's affection on object in scene in per-object basis. Mb I'm wrong about that... But you still may fully disable all shadows for some object by using m_pEntity->SetSlotFlags() m_pE...

Re: Quaternion from two points

You can use the Quat::CreateRotationVDir() function. Here is an example: Vec3 direction = (destination - origin).GetNormalized(); Quat finalRotation = Quat::CreateRotationVDir(direction); //Depends on what you need but you could also use Quat::CreateNlerp() or similar to lerp the rotation finalRotat...

Re: Image Nodes

I agree. I have no idea why they are removing the EffectRainDrops for example. It looks really good and I really like this effect. Perfect for a rainy scene. Why on earth is that being deprecated? I can't think of a good reason for the removal of these effects. Especially the rain drops one because ...

Re: boomerang bullet how?

I'm working on something like this at the moment. Assuming you already have C++ knowledge and know your way around the engine and wanted to create an actual boomerang object you will need to update the position of the entity to go in the world space forward direction, and when the entity reaches a c...

Re: Some of my work

Hey all, Just letting you know I'm still working on some cool stuff. It's just that my Youtube channel was suspended for no reason. I've been trying to get it back up. so cool !! I love that gravity-along-normals thing, does it work for concave surfaces too ? best, A Yes it does. That's great to hea...

Re: Some of my work

You have no idea how exited I am so see your work! You managed this in a week each ?! Here's hoping all these work with the Game SDK—but even if it doesn't, this is all still very amazing. Great job! Interesting questions indeed ;) Here are some interesting answers : This will be released on the ma...

Re: Add predifined components to custom component via c++

.h file:

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Cry::DefaultComponents::CRigidBodyComponent* m_pRigidBodyComponent = nullptr;
.cpp file, you need to call this in the Initialize() function:

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m_pRigidBodyComponent = m_pEntity->GetOrCreateComponent<Cry::DefaultComponents::CRigidBodyComponent>();
This works for me.

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