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C++ or C#

I am currently learning C/C++ and was honestly wondering, what is better and more beneficial for CryEngine, C++ or C#? I merely would like to hear pros and cons and a discussion on why you think the other is better, and which programming language is best for CryEngine?

Thanks in advance!

3ds max 2017 to cryengine 5

Hey guys, So i got the free student version of 3ds max 2017, which includes everything they offer. I tried following the manuals steps. I copied the loadcrymaxtools into autodesk-3dsmax2017-scripts-startup. This is what the tutorial told me to do. When I start 3dsmax however, it tells me "no cryengi...

Assets and Asset Creation

Sorry for another topic but I have two huge questions. 1. I heard about this humble bundle with thousands of ready made assets. However that is over. Is there any way to get my hands on those assets for Cryengine 5? 2. If not, how do I make more/new assets, where can I get them without paying on the...

Re: Help with Tutorials

Hey, I am literally having the same problem. I have CRYENGINE 5.3 downloaded under "my engines" and I have the CRYENGINE GAME SDK SAMPLE under "my assets", also download. When I launch cryengine 5.3 sandbox, I have literally no assets like it shows in the tutorial. The only way I even managed to get...

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