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Projekt "XYZ" Team up in / from Berlin for various jobs

WHO Im hiring offering a place for a team up , to create a hopefully a cool game. Im from Berlin, 37 years old, not having a company....but i would go for it or sell the project... WHERE Exactly it is Germany. In Berlin, Its more than an Original than Fan stuff, well kinda Fan stuff, but not too mu...

Re: Idea for a Game

i like the sounds like a cool game....! but i cant help here a lot... im in learning cryengine, so didnt have much time ,...BUT i hope you can do it, make that game...otherwise you could make a movie, maybe its easier while oyu can just write a script you can use for example this little ...

Re: Missing flow graph nodes?

Flowgraph is currently being refactored - if nodes are missing that aren't GAMESDK specific - please let us know concisely which ones are missing in a list.

oh okay, thats nice. im missing the Controller mapping nodes? all i find is the input actionkey filter aso.

Re: What are you working on?

@ruckarucka: Looks very good! Btw: Substance painter export works very well (it has Cryengine 3 as an export option but also works fine in CE V). For example I (almost only) use Substance painter for texturing and can say that it´s as comfortable as cryTiff export in Photoshop. @fightergx: Nice. Ho...

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