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Re: Missing flow graph nodes?

Flowgraph is currently being refactored - if nodes are missing that aren't GAMESDK specific - please let us know concisely which ones are missing in a list.

oh okay, thats nice. im missing the Controller mapping nodes? all i find is the input actionkey filter aso.

Re: What are you working on?

@ruckarucka: Looks very good! Btw: Substance painter export works very well (it has Cryengine 3 as an export option but also works fine in CE V). For example I (almost only) use Substance painter for texturing and can say that it´s as comfortable as cryTiff export in Photoshop. @fightergx: Nice. Ho...

Re: What are you working on?

i dont have any pictures or videos to show u, im just a Game Designer, Write alot of Stuff, for some time! Im working on the Fighters Project (GDD, maybe some TDD side things/stuff), just writing, hope i finish this in a couple of weeks, and then im trying some level design in blender by myself and ...

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