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Re: What are you working on?

Looks really nice! the displacement seems a bit exaggerated though
Thanks! I´m not completely sure about that too. One thing I might do is reexporting the displacement map with 32bit precision which hopefully will create more subtle values (regarding the floor)

Re: What are you working on?

Time to revive this topic ;). Here´s some progress I made on my scene. Assets. I did some texturesculpts which were then baked on a plane and textured and so on... Boden.JPG Wand02.JPG Also I started work on the pillars

Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

Hey guys, I want to showcase a environment I'm working on currently, I think I'm slowly getting there. All megascans surfaces, atlases and models. Unless a few props are from the marketplace. Trees are a combination of Speedtree and Maya. Rendered in CryEngine 5.5 with GI/SVOTI and raytraced volume...

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