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Re: Which hash string function should I use in CryEngine?

For your use case i would recommend CalculateHash. Its a standard Crc32 implementation and should produce the same results as other crc32 hashes. I am using it as well for a similar purpose. If you are on ce 5.4 you can also use Crc32::Compute_CompileTime to generate hashes at compile time instead o...

Re: Const Char* in Struct Array

Its mainly the syntax and the updated serialization framework. Everything from now on is gonna use it (including entity properties for exampl) so it lends itself well. It also means you can easily map your data to a file without the need to manually cycle through xml nodes like you need to do with t...

Re: Const Char* in Struct Array

Or you could go with the even easier option of using json and the serialization api: #include <CrySerialization/IArchive.h> #include <CrySerialization/STL.h> #include <CrySerialization/CryStrings.h> struct SBuilding { string name = ""; float money = 0; float electricity = 0; float water = 0; void Se...

Re: Why does Player.h create two instances of itself in its public definition?

It seems to me that you have no real grasp on how cpp works, since those are the absolute basics for it.
CPlayer() doesnt create a new instance, its the definition for the constructor, which will then be implemented in the cpp file.
Same for ~CPlayer() which is the destructor.

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